Kingsway tree planting project cultivates a green future

Posted by on 1 Mar 2024

Image: Kingsway tree planting project cultivates a green future

The Kingsway Tree Planting Project, funded by JD Sports and Wilson Bowden, and managed by Rochdale Borough Council’s Environmental Management service, took place in February in the Stanney Brook Corridor on Kingsway Business Park.                         

Driven by JD Sports with an initial £5,000 contribution the scheme was match funded by Wilson Bowden, and supported by over 60 employees planting the 340 trees from the JD Sports Kingsway warehouse, along with senior representatives from Wilson Bowden and Rochdale Development Agency.

Responding to the climate emergency declared by Rochdale Borough Council in 2019, and in tandem with Mayor Andy Burnham’s ambitious target for Greater Manchester to achieve carbon neutrality by 2038; twelve years ahead of the national goal, the borough is actively promoting sustainable development goals across the region.

In addition to the way buildings are constructed, Wilson Bowden is committed to Kingsway’s natural environment; focusing on the creation of attractive public spaces, recreational zones, enhanced natural areas, and native tree planting to foster wildlife.

Wilson Bowden’s Ian Smith, Wilson Bowden’s Senior Planning Manager, emphasised their role in shaping communities, recognising biodiversity enhancement and tree planting as an investment in a sustainable future.

These measures not only echo the local authority’s vision but also position the borough to meet the growing demands of manufacturers and logistics operators for reduced emissions and lower operating costs.

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