Digital Links

Digital Links

Modern businesses rely on the information superhighway as much as they do the real highway. In digital terms, Rochdale is one of the best connected locations in the North of England.

  • Fast, reliable fibre internet connectivity is now provided across the borough. Over 98.1% of Rochdale is connected for superfast broadband, compared to the national average of 94.6%.

  • Three in five addresses in the borough receive average broadband speeds of over 30Mbps, compared to the national average of just over 55%.

  • Many areas of the borough are in the top 10% in the UK for average download speeds – many premises enjoy broadband speeds in excess of 60Mbps.

  • Rates of full fibre connectivity, which can deliver speeds up to 300Mbps, are also higher in Rochdale (8.3%) than the UK average (6.3).

Rochdale is an up-and-coming destination for digital businesses. Zen Internet, one of the UK’s largest and most respected independent Internet Service Providers, has its headquarters in the town.

As part of Greater Manchester, Rochdale will be one of the first areas in the UK to benefit from a 5G mobile network. 5G promises average download speeds of 10GB per second, 1000 times faster than the current 4G network.



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