A masterpiece of gothic architecture

Rochdale Town Hall is a building of national importance, and one of the finest Victorian town halls in the UK.

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Our Town Hall is building of national importance, and one of the finest Victorian town halls in the UK

That’s why we’re busy restoring it to its original glory. It will reopen next year, and we can’t wait to invite you to wander the refurbished wood-panelled halls and ornate staircases of this magnificent building and see its history unfold.

Our Grade-I listed Town Hall was designed by William Crossland and opened in 1871 as a symbol of the town’s industrial success. According to Historic England, its ornate stylings are rivalled only by the Palace of Westminster. We’re restoring it so it can take its rightful place as the living, working centrepiece of our town.


When the restoration is complete, the Town Hall will welcome thousands of visitors every year - from across the country and just around the corner. Community involvement is at the heart of our reimagined Town Hall.

That’s why we’re looking for volunteers to train as guides, and help bring the history of the Town Hall - and of Rochdale - to life.

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Working with local Schools & Colleges

The reborn Town Hall represents an ideal learning opportunity. We welcome schools and colleges that want to learn more about the building’s history, architecture, art and artefacts.

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Explore a building of national importance

Browse our gallery to get a flavour of what our reborn Town Hall has in store.

If you’d like to know more about Rochdale Town Hall, please get in touch.


You can join the team

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Supporting a masterpiece of gothic architecture

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